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Osteoarthritis (OA)

Osteoarthritis (OA)

Osteopathy cannot cure arthritis, however much can been done to alleviate the pain and lack of mobility

Is a degenerative joint disorder in which there is progressive loss of articular cartilage accompanied by new bone formation and capsular fibrosis.

There is no single cause of OA, it results from a disparity between the stress applied to articular cartilage and the ability of the cartilage to withstand that stress. It can occur when there is no obvious cause or where there may be a history of some previous disorder or injury of the joint. Although trauma and ‘wear and tear’ may not be the basic cause of OA it is certainly one factor and may influence the site of the disease.

  • OA increases in frequency with age
  • OA takes many years to develop.
  • OA may be associated with pain and stiffness however often goes unnoticed.
  • OA is much more common in some joints (hip, knee and spine) that in others (elbow and ankle). The knee is a very common site for OA because it is often subjected to trauma.
  • OA may be related to a work or sport related injurys.( Some unusual possible causes are ‘goalkeepers fingers’ related to repeated hyperextension of the fingers to deflect the ball over the crossbar and ’ Puppeteers elbow’).
  • Osteoarthritis cannot be reversed, however the pain and stiffness associated with it can often be treated by suitable methods.

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